Power Events Terms and Conditions
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1.DEFINITION : Within the following Terms and Conditions ‘Exhibitor’ includes all employees or agents of such and the term ’Exhibition’ shall be deemed to mean the event named on the booking form.  The term ‘Organizers’ shall be deemed to mean Power Events. 

2.EXHIBITOR: This is a legal contract between both Power Events and the known exhibitor wishing to exhibit at any venue.  The allocated space must be adhered to and exhibitors must not encroach on any neighbouring exhibitor’s space or bring any extra tables or display.  < >SETTING UP/BREAKDOWN: Exhibitor set up instructions can be found in the event Conditions for each event.  Any table still vacant 30 minutes before doors are due to open will be removed and no refund will be made. Please do not start dismantling your stand until the official closing time of the event.  Tables are allocated to exhibitors and are set up in the specific zones, no removal or change of location will be allowed on the day of the event. All exhibitors are to be set up at least 30 minutes before the event opens. Transit of exhibitors goods are not the responsibility of Power Events and no member of Power Events are authorised to assist in carrying, putting up or moving of exhibitors goods unless an emergency occurs. 


3.INSURANCE: The Organizers will not be responsible for the safety of any exhibit or property of the Exhibitor, it’s staff, or the loss of, damage to, theft, personal injury or any other cases whatsoever sustained by an Exhibitor.  The Exhibitor shall take good care of and not allow or cause any damage to the exhibition venue and ensure that no screws, nails, adhesives or other fastenings are used and shall be responsible for the cost of any damage.  The Exhibitor should obtain their own third party insurance if they require this. The Organizers do not accept any consequential loss resulting from cancellation, change of date, attendance or non-attendance in any circumstances. Public Liability insurance is required for any of our event which entail exhibiting.


4.ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT: All electrical equipment must be disclosed upon booking and discussed before commencement of use at any event. Use of all Electrical Equipment used by the Exhibitor on the day must conform to fire and safety regulations and PAT tested.  Power is only available on a pre-booked basis if available. No Generators are to be used at any event unless specified and confirmed prior to the event. 


5.CANCELLATION OF AGREEMENT: In the event of the Exhibitor breaking any of the listed Terms and Conditions, the Organizers reserve the right to cancel any agreement in place without any liability against the Organizer.  The Organier reserves the right to remove any Exhibitor from the event if any terms and conditions are broken.  The Organizers reserve the right to exclude exhibitors whose standards are considered unsatisfactory.  


6.CANCELLATION OF SPACE: If the Exhibitor wishes to cancel a space booking after acceptance by the Organizer, or alternatively the Exhibitor fails to meet any of the payment obligations detailed, then the Organiser reserves the right to apply cancellation terms.  No refund will be made on cancellation. Payment is required in full if an Exhibitor reserves a space or table by the methods outlined within the Booking Enquiry Form. 


7.POSTPONEMENT OR ABANDONMENT: In the case of any abandonment, postponement, relocation or limitation of the event, any restriction on the use of the premises or any part, or any failure of the services provided therein, the Exhibitor or his agents or contractors shall have no claim whatsoever against the Organer in respect of any resulting loss or damage and the Exhibitor’s liabilities to the Organier shall not in any way be affected.


8.RE‐ALLOCATION/SUB‐LETTING: The Exhibitor must not exchange or re‐assign their specified allocated named service or product for an alternative one without the consent of the Organizer prior to the event.


 9.REFUSAL OF ENTRY: The Organizer reserves the right to refuse admission or booking to any Exhibitor or member of the public they feel appropriate.   


10.EXHIBITOR & CONSEQUENTIAL LIABILITY: The Exhibitor hereby accepts total liability for all acts or omissions of himself, herself, her or his business, director, employees, or agents and undertakes to indemnify the Organizer against any and all liability in respect thereof and against any and all actions, legal suits, proceedings, claims, demands, costs and expenses whatsoever, which may be taken or made against the organizer or incurred or become payable, which arise there from or in respect thereof.  This includes any and all claims arising from death, personal injury and the supply by the Exhibitor of merchandise or samples of any kind whether such items be sold or complimentary, plus any and all legal costs, compensation, disbursements and expenses should these be paid by the Organizer and the advice of Counsel to compromise or settle any such claims.  Neither the Organizer, venue owner, nor any of their employees shall be responsible for the safety of any exhibit or the property of the Exhibitor or any other person, or for the loss or damage of or destruction to the same by theft, fire or any other cause whatsoever, or for any and all loss or damage incurred or sustained by the Exhibitor by reason of any defect in the venue building or structure caused by fire, storm, tempest, lightening, national emergency, war, terrorism, labour dispute, strike or lock‐out, or any other cause not within the control of the Organizer, whether foreseeable or not, or for any consequential or financial loss or damage caused by reason of any such event happening or the building becomes wholly or partially unavailable for the Exhibition.


11.No Exhibitor will have the sole selling rights for their particular trade whatever it may be unless the Organizer has agreed to this, in writing, prior to the event.  The Organizers limit the numbers of Exhibitors within the same business sector ensuring that a variety of styles, prices and services offered are covered within the category.  Exclusivity within a business sector cannot be expected unless otherwise agreed with the Organizer and confirmed in writing.  


12.Every effort is made by the Organizer to advertise and publicise each event as much as possible.  However, the Organizer will not be held responsible for any reason for the number of customers who visit the event.  


13.Exhibitors can bring their own display graphics, they are not provided by The Organizer (See booking enquiry form for pricing if available).  We are able to offer preferential/trade rates for Banners, Pop‐ups and Signage and will happy to pass you on to our service provider.


14.No food or drink for either exhibitors or visitors can be consumed in the premises unless purchased through The venue facilities. Food and drink can be purchased from The Venue on the day if the venue has the facilities. Otherwise exhibitors within reason can bring their own food and drink.


15.With regards to Marketing on the day/s of the event. We are happy for exhibitors to promote themselves in the form of a banner (behind their table/space) also leaflets and business cards on their table as well as leaflets to be given out by exhibitors on the day to promote both their services and websites and social media sites but not including any future events outside of the days event you are attending with Power Events. Handing  out of literature can be done within the event on the day/s but no intrusion to fire exits and following health and safety policies whilst undertaking this marketing tool. 


Filling in and returning the Booking enquiry Form as well as the terms and conditions constitutes a Contract between Power Events and yourself either as an individual or a company and you agree to adhere to the set out Terms and Conditions.  For late bookings, an email confirming attendance will act as contract and full contractual rights and obligations will be liable and agreed payment will be paid using our online facility.