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Power Events a trusted brand in the Victorian town of Hastings East Sussex. What do Power Events do to encourage success of the event? Hastings Steampunk Events we are now in our third year and much more.... We market the event through social media, flyers, posters, free tickets, . Marketing takes place within the area of the event venue as well as up to 30 miles of surrounding areas. Each stall holder is entitled to send one A5 poster in a PDF or JPEG format which would need to promote the stall holder’s product or service and the event which you will be part of which will be used to promote on social media to encourage visitors. We are a family run business and enjoy all events that we undertake through passion

We work hard within the community to promote local businesses and use local services and products, to help exhibitors showcase their fabulous products and services home grown in Hastings East Sussex. We run on steam and passion as a family run business whos roots are in Hastings home grown. Our venue choices again are always local to bring customers returning and new to experience all that Hastings town have to offer. Also using the local tourist information board to promote events and entertainment.